Thông báo Tuyển sinh cao đẳng, trung cấp chính qui năm 2020 Xem ngay
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1. Cooperate with individuals, foreign educational organizations, and overseas Vietnameses to provide academic courses, promote teaching, learning, and  research in compliance with National and Provincial regulations.

2. Encourage and facilitate instructors, management officers, staff and students to travel abroad for the purposes of studying, practicing, teaching, researching and exchanging academic experiences under sponsorship programs of the college, external national and international funding organizations, or using personal financial resources.

3. Cooperate with prestigious international universities and colleges in curriculum development, deployment of pilot programs and cooperative training courses with approval from the authorities.

4.Invite lecturers, researchers, and experts from overseas to exchange experience, teach, and conduct research at DTCC.

5. Attract and sign training and education contracts with overseas students, find scholarships from foreign partners to send instructors, managers and students to study abroad.

6. Organizing and joining domestic and international academic conferences and workshops in compliance with the regulations of Laws.

7. Widely promoting activities regarding international cooperation; linking the E-library with other prestigious colleges within the area and over the world for the exchange of information, materials and electronic curricula.



Departments and Centres

Department of Training
Department of Business Relations
Department of General Administration
Department of Research Management and International Relations
Department of Student Affairs
Center of Foreign Language and Informatics


Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities
Faculty of Basic Sciences
Faculty of Information Technology
Faculty of Agriculture and Aquaculture

Teachers and Staff

Teachers and Staff

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